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Nerd Jeopardy Wrapup

A quick thanks to everyone who came out on Thursday to Nerd Jeopardy. It was a big success and we’ll definitely do it again. I’m thinking February, at a bigger venue to accommodate the crowd. (Best way to find out about the next one is to sign up at Work in Progress.)

Thanks to Team TK, The First Mrs. Rochesters, and The Merry Husbands of Windsor Terrace for competing. The Merry Husbands took first, showcasing a breadth of literary knowledge essential to winning Nerd Jeopardy (and more or less useless anywhere else). Personally, the whole night was worth it for my “MockingJay-Z” pun.

And congrats to Iris Blasi, who won the Audience Award: a Kobo ereader.


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Nerd Jeopardy, Dec. 2nd

Attention friends and competitive enemies: haven’t you grown frustrated with Jeopardy!, with all its questions about the Reformation? Not to mention the absence of any alcoholic beverages on set?

Fear not. I’m hosting Nerd Jeopardy night at Lolita Bar on December 2nd. Think of real Jeopardy!, but replace all the questions about European history with ones about books and publishing. Add an hour of free drinks courtesy of Verso, and a gift prize courtesy of McNally Jackson. And, to make it even better, we’ll have three teams of three competing.

You have questions?

So how do I play? Show up, grab two friends, add your name to the hat. I’ll draw three teams.

Should we wear matching Adidas tracksuits? Sure Ami, why not.

I haven’t read Joyce in years, am I fucked? Hardly. The questions will be broad enough to accommodate many reading preferences.

What if my team isn’t chosen? You can cheer on the contestants. I’ll also have a special quiz for you, with a separate audience prize.

I want my team to have a funny literary name. I’m with you there.

I like books, but I don’t like like books. Stay home, then. This event is for true believers only. Also you won’t get half the jokes.

I’m thinking about buying an ereader. Kindle or iPad? Kobo? Arrgh, shut up about this already! Not the time or the place.

Will there be surprises? Glad you asked. There will be surprises.

Is it true Alex Trebek recorded an ad for Jeopardy! while drunk? It is:

Event Details:

Nerd Jeopardy
December 2nd, 6:30 PM
Lolita Bar, 266 Broome St.
Free drinks 7-8pm
Facebook Invite

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