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The BOMB Gala & After-Party & Pancake Breakfast


If you’re the kind of person who likes to hobnob with artists and actors, who likes to bid on contemporary art, and who has a fair bit of discretionary income, then come out to the BOMB Gala on Friday. It’s the only place in town where you can get a Wade Guyton print and take a selfie with Wallace Shawn.

Of course not everyone can make the Gala. For the rest of us, there’s the first official After-Party. (Maybe not the first. Paul Morris may have hosted one back in the day.) We have everything a proper after-party needs:

  1. Free champagne
  2. Tiki decor
  3. DJs playing 100% vinyl. And what DJs! We have Damian Manire, Lanny Jordan Jackson, & Jessi Olsen.
  4. Confetti cannons
  5. Cheap drinks
  6. Bathroom mural of the Wu-Tang Clan

The whole thing is hosted by Cy Gavin, Lindsay Howard, Mieke Chew, & Andrew Durbin, in a secret space under Tropical 128 in the LES (map). Tickets are only $10, with the catch that you have to pay in advance. So get a ticket, put on your best outfit, and we’ll see you Friday night.

Buy tickets | Facebook event | Full details

For the true believers who make it to 4am, maybe an IHOP run?


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