Into the Unknown

I have some exciting job news to share! Or rather, no job news: I’ve recently left Atavist Books to take some time off and re-evaluate my next move. Why? Five reasons:

Is this a financially sound decision? Perhaps not. Will this be personally fulfilling? I think so. As you can guess from the links above, I’ve been casting a critical eye on how I might create more value with my work.

Of course, I’m not spending my days in a bathrobe, binging on HBO GO. My trivia book with Chronicle proceeds apace, and I’m thrilled to be freelancing with W. W. Norton on digital marketing and advertising for Michael Lewis’s Flash Boys. (Read it. It’s great.)

I’m also working on two very exciting large endeavors… which I can’t talk about quite yet. But trust me: exciting. I can talk about Laser Didion, which is coming to BEA on Saturday the 31st. Hit me up for details.


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