Does This Need a Website?

My colleagues in publishing know the scenario. There’s a book everyone in the house is excited about. It lends itself to world-building and digital/interactive material. And there might even be a bit of money in the budget(!). So let’s create a standalone destination site!

Of course, the question rarely asked in these brainstorming meetings: Just because we want to, is it worth the time, money, and resources?

It’s like opening a restaurant: you have to gird yourself for the high rate of failure. Why so high? Let’s define what success means here. It should provide enough value to merit its existence. It should sufficiently entice users to take the next step in reading the book (or watching the movie). It should appeal to strangers as well as the fans who want to share it with their social circles. And its design and UX should reflect the aesthetics and flavor of the book or film. It’s tough.

So a tip of the hat to the people behind Under the Skins digital marketing. They’ve created three austere sites that echo the spirit of the (excellent, must-see) film:   |  |

These hit that sweet spot of pulling from the universe of the film without giving too much away. And, crucial for a film in limited release, they provide plenty of reason for people like me to share with my friends…





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