DJing the Book Parties

downtown lit festIt’s going to be an exciting few weeks, if by “exciting” I mean “playing New Edition for literary types.” (Which I do.)

I’ll be DJing Friday’s Downtown Lit Festival Happy Hour with the sartorially musical and musically sartorial* Mr. Jason Diamond. On deck: early Rapture, Prince, and Evan Voytas. And free beer!

I invite you to stop by Housing Works Bookstore at 6pm, grab a drink, shuffle your feet. And then come back Sunday for all the excellent literary programming.

Shortly after that I’m hosting and DJing Slice Literary‘s annual fundraising gala on Wednesday, April 23rd. Imagine teams of book editors, literary agents, and writers squaring off in a series of party games. There will be humiliation, comeuppance, glory, and probably a Joyce reference. You should come. The list of competitors is kind of insane.

And finally, I’ll be DJing Lit Crawl NYC’s fundraiser in early May. More details to follow…



*No, I don’t mean a piano-necktie. OR DO I?


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