Behind the Scenes of the Greatest Injury-Law Ad of All Time

Deadspin highlighted a Super Bowl spot that a Georgia injury lawyer aired in the first local block for Savannah residents. Take a look:

I’ve been lucky to obtain a behind-the-scenes transcript of several exchanges from the filming of Mr. Casino’s advertisement.

Day 4
Director: So you want to literally draw a line in the sand?
Casino: Yeah. But I want it to be EPIC.
Director: Ok. How about with a sledgehammer? Like you draw a line in the sand with that?
Casino: Could the sledgehammer be on fire?
Director: (consults with Production Assistant) …We can do that.

Day 7
Director: So here are some photos of the church we scouted for the funeral scenes.
Casino: This isn’t exactly what I had in mind. Why we can’t just build a new one?

Day 9
Music Supervisor: Good news, the band loves the script. They’re going to let you license their song for free.
Casino: That’s great!
Music Supervisor: I know, totally unexpected. So we have a little extra in the budget. Where do you want to–
Casino: (interrupting) Pyrotechnics.

Day 10
Casino: (pointing to Camera Operator) What’s wrong with him?
Production Assistant: He, ah, he got burned. I think some of the kerosene splashed onto his face during the gravestone scene.
Casino: Ha ha ha! That’s hilarious! …Wait, does he have representation? (Runs to Camera Operator with business card in hand.)

Day 11
Casino: Let me see the playback on the shoe-crushing-the-rose-in-the-rain shot… Okay… Still not right. Let’s go again.
Production Assistant: Take 81. Marked… rolling.

Day 19
Craft Services Coordinator: (to Driver) You would not believe how much Powerade we’re going through.
Driver: (pointing) Is that a weight set? Can I use it?
Craft Services Coordinator: Better not.

Day 37
Casino: Any word from Hugh Jackman’s people?
Director: Yeah, we got a definitive no. Sorry about that.
Casino: Fuck it, I’ll do those scenes myself. But keep trying anyway.

Day 38
Casino: Still a no on Jackman?
Director: Still a no.

Day 79
Production Assistant: The kid’s voice keeps changing. I don’t know what we’re gonna do.
Director: (running hands over his face) Christ… I was afraid of this. Fucking puberty.
Production Assistant: (under his breath) This was supposed to be a four-day shoot.

Day 114
Craft Services Coordinator: If this ever airs, aren’t you nervous about publicly calling your powerful former clients “villains”?
Casino: Should I be?

Day 117
Director: So the accounting guys discovered something interesting. The on-set injury cases from last month’s accident–my assistant tells me you represented all six plaintiffs in court, against our production company–have actually covered the ballooning costs from all the reshoots and overtime. …I think you may have even made a small profit on this whole debacle.
Casino: (benchpressing) THE CASINO ALWAYS WINS!


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