All Hail the Weird Ads

We’re living in a great time for advertising. Particularly a specific strain of advertising: The Children of Old Spice. Those landmark ads were in themselves responses to the viral nature of digital content, which prizes surprise over logic and visual wit over professional execution. (E.g., every video of a cat doing something un-catlike.)

And while Madison Avenue scrambles to bottle this magic into something templated, boring, and repetitive, the audience gets a grace period to enjoy truly creative and bonkers ads. Take, for instance, this actually decent spot for a station wagon. Now, car commercials are like electronic music: 99.999% awful unless you’re on drugs and mostly ruined by the rich. Toyota’s strategy is to cram as many YouTube-esque moments as possible into 90 seconds: a gorilla riding a horse, a yogi “voguing,” a whale breaching (straight outta Planet Earth).

This trend of ADD programming will peter out, as all trends must, but I for one am enjoying the randomness of it all.

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