Nerd Jeopardy Comes to Brooklyn Book Fest

Brooklyn Book Festival

I’m happy to announce Nerd Jeopardy! is an official Bookend event for the Brooklyn Book Festival. What does this mean? A few things:

  • Everyone’s favorite literary trivia night is coming to the borough that brought us Nathan’s hotdogs, Marv Albert, and Al Capone. More specifically, to the venerable and thoroughly great BookCourt.
  • Our featured guests include the incredibly talented (and local!) authors Jonathan Ames and Jennifer Gilmore. If you’ve read Wake Up, Sir! and The Mothers, you know how exciting this is. If you haven’t, then I just don’t even know what to do with you.
  • The categories will skew Brooklyn. Read up on your Austers, your Krausses, your Whiteheads.
  • There will still be wine. Calm down.

In case you haven’t attended Nerd Jeopardy! before, the evening is modeled after the popular game show, with a big blue board, Daily Doubles, and answers in the form of a question. Unlike the game show, all of our questions concern literature and pop culture. Plus there’s free booze. (And no real money at stake.) Three teams of three people each compete in two rounds for small prizes and outsize glory, culminating in the nerve-rattling and tension-exploding Final Jeopardy. If you’d like to compete, simply arrive with two friends, give yourselves a team name, and drop it in the hat at the podium. We draw three teams at random. (If you’re not picked, you can still compete in the Audience Quiz.)

If you’ve attended Nerd Jeopardy! in the past, you know this is but a vague outline of the heckling, humiliation, and slander that accompanies a crowd of wine-fueled English majors. Fun times.


Nerd Jeopardy!
Sponsored by Atavist Books. Hosted by Ryan Chapman
Tuesday, Sept. 17th, at 7pm
BookCourt, 163 Court St
map | facebook event

The Brooklyn Book Festival is Sunday, Sept. 22nd.


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