The Nerd Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions

Nerd Jeopardy at Housing Works Bookstore

That’s right, it’s the fabled Tournament of Champions edition of New York’s best infrequent literary trivia night. Next Thursday at the great Housing Works Bookstore, three winning teams will square off to claim true Nerd Jeopardy honor and respect. (Plus a fourth team of amateurs*, just to embarrass them.) The questions will be more difficult–some in French, even–and I expect a level of fierce competitiveness rarely seen outside an episode of “The Bachelor.”

There will be plenty of wine and beer to keep audience heckling at a fever pitch and several opportunities for audience members to win prizes of their own.


Q. I’ve never been to Nerd Jeopardy before. What’s it like?

A. Good question! Imagine the “Jeopardy!” game show, except all of the questions are about books, there’s free booze, and Alex Trebek uses curse words. Plus the audience gets to participate.

Q. But I don’t read books.

A. You’re an idiot. Stay away from Nerd Jeopardy.

Q. Just kidding! I have a master’s degree in Italian Renaissance poetry.

A. Excellent! You will feel richly rewarded for your responsible life decisions when yelling “Who is Boccaccio?” after a few glasses of wine.

Q. Is there a Facebook event? I don’t attend things unless there’s a Facebook event.


Q. Did you see last week’s episode of “Girls”? Holy shit, right?

A. I’m an episode behind, sorry.

See you next Thursday at Housing Works!

*Want to compete? Grab two friends and drop your team name in the hat at the podium. I’ll pick a team at random around 7:10pm. 


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