Nerd Jeopardy Recap

  1. Mr. Trebek was there in spirit.
  2. You can’t see it in the photo, but there are 80 people drinking wine and plotting their strategy to the right:
  3. jasper_a Nerd Jeopardy at McNally Jackson w/ Kyle 😀
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 16:04:23
  4. Round One:
  5. TimeOutNewYork
    Categories are on the board at @mcnallyjackson for #NerdJeopardy.
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 16:27:54
  6. mcnallyjackson
    Bunch of drunk nerds in our basement swapping trivia like it’s spit at a drama club cast party. Who’s going to lose their glasses first?
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 15:50:39
  7. Time Out live-tweeted a few of the questions:
  8. TimeOutNewYork
    “This week Hilary Mantel won her 2nd Booker Prize, becoming the 1st woman to do so after these 2 men.” #NerdJeopardy
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 16:36:59
  9. TimeOutNewYork
    Put A Bird On It: “Birdwatchers can spot a cerulean warbler on the jacket & in the plot of this 2010 Oprah’s Book Club Pick” #NerdJeopardy
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 16:45:15
  10. TimeOutNewYork
    “In 1939, publishers were convinced that Robert de Graff’s plans for this format would restore the industry.” #NerdJeopardy
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 16:47:18
  11. Maris correctly guessed the author of My Crazy Beautiful Life, an “illustrated memoir.”
  12. mariskreizman
    My greatest achievement tonight was that I answered a Ke$ha-related question at Nerd Jeopardy.
    Thu, Oct 18 2012 19:24:03
  13. Congrats to the “Poorly Informed Hecklers,” who beat “Lady and the Tramps” by one point. (Third place went to the scrappy “Phony Morrisons.”)
    The winning trio received hardcover copies of Zadie Smith’s NW, Errol Morris’ A Wilderness of Error, Nate Silver’s The Signal and The Noise, and Scott Hutchins’ A Working Theory of Love. (Mr. Hutchins also made an appearance in our Video Daily Double, at the very same moment he was reading at BookCourt across town.)
  14. The Tournament of Champions Speed Round, with lighting-fast questions from the audience thrown out at winners from previous Nerd Jeopardies.
  15. Mike Duncan took first place, earning a bottle of Veuve Cliquot, a deluxe Penguin Classics edition of F.Scott Fitzgerald’s Tales of the Jazz Age, a signed copy of Junot Diaz’s This Is How You Lose Her, and all of our respect.
  16. Thanks everyone who turned out for Nerd Jeopardy! We’ll host another one in January. Find out when by signing up for McNally Jackson’s newsletter.

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