Introducing Discourse in Progress

Producing Work in Progress for FSG is one of the best parts of the job, especially since literary fiction is near and dear to my heart. We’re expanding that notion a bit with a nonfiction series: Discourse in Progress.

FSG, in partnership with Newsweek Daily Beast, will produce interactive author discussions centered on the most thought-provoking issues of the day: healthcare, education, the Occupy movement, “Kony 2012″… This will be move beyond the typical author Q&A to directly engage the issues of the moment. Check out the Discourse in Progress Facebook page for more. (Did I mention it’s in partnership with Newsweek Daily Beast? That still blows my mind.)

Since I loathe the marketing-speak around project launches, I’ll just direct you to our first author chat on Wed. March 28th, 1pm EST.

Dr. Jonathan Gruber, architect of the Affordable Care Act, will discuss health care reform and the Supreme Court debate about the constitutionality of the ACA’s “individual mandate.” If you’ve ever wondered just what the ACA is or how it affects you personally, now you can ask the MIT economist behind it all. (I recommend starting with Gruber’s Daily Beast article “Why The Individual Mandate Is Effective and Efficient.”)

I hope you’ll join me tomorrow. I’ll be asking why the Republicans supported the Individual Mandate in 2010 and now treat it like kryptonite.


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