Analytics and Digital Book World

There are jobs where it’s easy to be an amateur (graphic designer, DJ, online marketing manager at a trade publisher), and jobs where such status is baldly spurious. Like a statistician. Not much middle ground there. So! Don’t expect much math at my DBW panel “Analytics: You Can’t Grow What You Can’t Measure” on Monday the 23rd.

Instead I’ll discuss which metrics I focus on for FSG‘s various digital projects and which I avoid. I’ve found most of the conventional metrics aren’t terribly useful–perhaps because of the hybrid nature of trade publishing’s D-to-C and B-to-B positioning–and so I’ve assembled my own analytics to suit my needs. (For instance, the goal for Work in Progress is alerting readers to new books; most lit blogs by necessity care more about traffic and ad-impressions.)

Luckily I’m sharing the stage with Kate Travers (F+W), Jeff Yamaguchi (Knopf Doubleday), Shane Norman (HarperCollins), and moderator Kate Rados (F+W) – there will be plenty of insight and perhaps some contentiousness.

Hope to see you there. Oh, and if you do plan on attending, use the code SPWORKSHOP1 to save $50 on the Marketing Summit pass. Tell them Ryan sent you.


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