Creating Planets on the iPad

So I’ve been mum about a project at work, mostly because I wanted to build suspense. (Or perhaps it was lazy blogging? I’ll never tell!)

Journey to the Exoplanets. It’s an iPad app by Farrar, Straus and Giroux in partnership with Scientific American, the first “title” in their new imprint. Books are coming Spring 2012.

It’s been amazing to watch Amanda Moon at FSG and the crew at SA put the whole thing together. It’s a full book’s worth of text wrapped around photo galleries, timelines, audio, video, etc. etc. … kind of everything you would want in an app. (And it’s currently the Featured App of the Week!)

I’ve always been a book nerd, so the astrology aspects of the app are beyond me. It really didn’t matter once I loaded up one of the exoplanet landscapes and moved the iPad app around — the accelerometer turns the screen into a window. It’s like you’re standing on the surface of some boiling outer frontier, watching a double sunset.

Which is all very educational. The truly great part of the app is where you create your own planet. It’s like you’re playing God, if God needed iOS to create Mercury.


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