Helping the Bookmongers

Sam at McNally Jackson asked if I’d write about a funny novel for their Tumblr. I said sure. Then I went home and promptly forgot about it. Weeks went by. Then, in a moment of alcoholic clarity I remembered my promise. And so I wrote something about Out of Sheer Rage by Geoff Dyer.

“Over the years I had come across several places that offered the ideal conditions to work. The room in Montepulciano, for example, with the lovely wooden bed and white sheets, the window gazing out over the Tuscan countryside, the terrace formed by what had once been a little bridge connecting our building to the one next door. Or the house in Lauzun with the room overlooking a field of wheat, facing west so that in the evenings the paper on the desk was bathed red. Or my apartment on Rue Popincourt with the floor-to-ceiling window from which you could see right down Rue de la Roquette, as far as the Bastille almost.

“What they all had in common, these ideal places for working, was that I never got any work done in them.”

-Geoff Dyer

You can read my full write-up here.

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