What to Expect at Nerd Jeopardy

If you’re ever wondered, “What’s the point of books?”, you now have an answer: to best other nerds at a literary trivia show. I’ve checked and double-checked all the questions, watched hours of Alex Trebek footage, and translated everything into Latin (and then back again into English, at Housing Works’ request). We’re as ready as we’ll ever be.

So what can you expect? First, decide if you want to compete. If yes, grab two friends (PhDs in Comparative English Lit. preferred), invent a team name, and drop your name in the hat tomorrow night. I’ll select three teams around 7:15pm.

If you’d rather watch, making loud pshaw!s and harrumph!s–which are encouraged–you can jump in during the Audience Quiz at intermission.

A few tips:

  • Don’t even bother rereading DeLillo’s Underworld, you either know it or you don’t at this point.
  • There are fewer categories about Foucault than last time.
  • Curiously enough, the questions will get easier in round two, even though the point values for each question double. This is to take into account the contestants’ mounting inebriation.
  • Anytime all three teams are stumped, feel free to yell out the answer if you know it. This will augment their humiliation, and make the victory that much sweeter for the winners.
  • The T-Shirt Cannon I jerry-rigged to fire first editions was a really, really bad idea. (FSG Intern Stan, R.I.P.) Back to the drawing board on that one. It may make its debut at Nerd Jeopardy #3.
  • Puns, there are a few.
  • There are no questions about Borges. Okay, maybe one.
The afterparty’s at Botanica. Is there a drink special in the works? Indeed there is.

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