My NYE Party Is Better Than Yours

…Because it’s been road tested. After two epic New Year’s Eve parties at Bar Reis, I took a year off. Then Daft Punk, Kanye West, and Girl Talk all released records in the same month, and the circumstances pretty much demand a champagne-soaked Brooklyn fête.

So we’re doing it again. More confetti, more free drinks, and a few surprises in the works. It will be, informally, a masquerade ball. (I’ll provide the masks, so don’t worry about that.)

Bar Reis, 375 5th Ave Brooklyn NY

Dec. 31st, 9:30pm. $10.

I’ll be resurrecting my fledgling DJ career as G-G-G-GHOST! for the occasion, and inviting some friends to assist. You can expect:

Daft Punk “Derezzed”

Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith “Not in Love”

Chromeo feat. Ezra Koenig “I Could Be Wrong”

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One response to “My NYE Party Is Better Than Yours

  1. Dan

    Wish I could make it. That sounds way better than whatever I am going to be doing in Seattle. Play some “Cornichon” for me.

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