More Nerd Jeopardy Nerdiness

Is it kind of awesome that the event is a Flavorpill Editor’s Pick? It is all kinds of awesome. On top of this, I just secured a secret prize for the audience award. Yes: an audience award.

The questions are ready, the Jeopardy! board all set to go. I did order the questions’ difficulty to handle the contestants’ alcohol handicap (sure to increase as the game progresses).

In case you want to relive the undergraduate glory days and cram last minute, here are a few tips.

  • Who is Proust? If you don’t know the answer, just yell this. You’ll be right 20% of the time.
  • Burt Reynolds accent. Works every time.
  • If you can speed-read: tackle Chekhov’s short fiction. You’ll have a leg up on everyone else.
  • The better you know the publishing industry, the better off you’ll be. A perusal of HarperCollins’ Q3 results is the bare minimum here.
  • There’s no crying in Nerd Jeopardy. Well… depends on the context. If you get a really sad text message (or, “sext,” for short), it’s acceptable to cry a little.

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