October 28th Is BattleDecks Day

So we all know karaoke. And some of us know suicide karaoke, where the participant has no previous knowledge of the song choice until he or she’s onstage. But hasn’t something always been missing? Haven’t you looked out at your drunk coworkers and thought, “This situation could use some PowerPoint?”

Good news! BattleDecks is here to help. It takes man’s natural fear of public speaking and magnifies it for no good reason.* Organized by Guy and Kate at Digital Book World and taking place at the Bowery Poetry Club. Details/RSVP here.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 6-8 Participants; 3 Judges; 2 Hosts
  • Several random PowerPoint decks culled from the internet
  • Participants have to create a ‘presentation’ improv-style, to go with their randomly selected deck
  • Judges score them 1-10 based on: Style, Humor, Originality, and FEAR
  • Winner gets massive kudos, and perhaps even a fun obnoxious trophy

Why should you attend? (Beyond the bountiful schadenfreude?) Ami Greko, Matt Mullin, and I are judging. I plan on unfairly weighing everyone’s scores based on my escalating inebriation. And the list of presenters already guarantees high levels of embarrassment.

Here’s a look at BattleDecks at SXSW ’08. Anil Dash kills it.

*Well, for the audience’s amusement.


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