Marketing a President

I like to imagine I’m professional when meeting our authors, even though on the inside I’m repeating this is awesome this is awesome this is awesome. This was more or less the case when I got to briefly meet President Jimmy Carter, who’s in town on the occasion of his new book White House Diary. He was charming and spoke in a straightforward manner unexpected for a former leader of the free world (and refreshing after being numbed into boredom by the empty rhetoric of most politicians).

You can see some of that same bluntness from his “Today Show” appearance this morning.

How does one market a president? The words “marketing” and “president,” when paired, recall an obvious example, a person who can remain nameless as a testament to how effectively his team branded and marketed his campaign.

For White House Diary, we coordinated with the lovely people at the Carter Center to reach out to Jimmy Carter’s base via web and email marketing efforts. And in a nice bonus, the President even wrote a welcome message for readers on the book’s site. The site sports a lot of the features you’d expect – video, photo gallery, an event schedule – but I think it’s the welcome message which grounds it.

Too often I get deep into the project management side of the campaign and forget about seeing the forest for the trees. Then publication day comes and I can reassess. In this case, Carter’s easygoing nature and sharp intellect snapped me back into focus.

(Oh, and he’s on “The Daily Show” tonight! Can’t wait to see that interview.)

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