The Game Theory of a Brooklyn Party

We’re throwing a party on Saturday at Bar Reis in Park Slope. Some of you may remember the clusterfucks/parties from New Year’s Eve 08 and 09, some of you… wish you didn’t.

Because I can’t leave well enough alone, I’m introducing a bit of game theory to this one. From 11pm to midnight every 5th drink each bartender serves will be free. That means if the person before you orders four drinks, you win. Doesn’t matter if it’s top shelf: gratis. (You still have to tip though, you cheap bastards.)

All attempts to game the system are welcome. We’ll also have some mustache-related surprises after midnight, about which the less said the better.

Party Details

I’ll be DJing a bit too. That’s right, I’m bringing back G-G-G-GHOST!

Among the songs in my “Hot Licks” mix, presently up to 437 tracks:

Cut Copy – Where I’m Going by loudersoft

Kid Cudi – All Summer by eevans503

Harlem – Friendly Ghost by wereofftherails

ceo – come with me by decentlydope

Tiger – Maximum Balloon by bruno_antunes

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3 responses to “The Game Theory of a Brooklyn Party

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  2. Dan

    Love the idea.

    If you want people to buy the maximum amount of drinks behavioural theory would say a variable reinforcement schedule leads to the highest response rates.

    Although that sounds like trouble. Plus the capricious seeming nature of it would most likely piss off drunk people.

    Have fun!

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