7x20x21 at BEA 2010: This Is Happening

Ami and I are bringing 7x20x21 back to BookExpo America. And much like a Hollywood sequel, this year we’re doing it bigger, better, with most of the original cast and a couple explosions.

If you haven’t seen the original, here’s your quick recap: we highlight people across technology, publishing, and writing who are creating interesting work, providing a stage for them to present their ideas. Each speaker gets seven minutes to speak, with 20 powerpoint slides each advancing every 21 seconds. (It’s based on the Japanese presentation format of pecha kucha and Canon Tales in the UK.)

This time we’re on the main stage on Tuesday, which means no competing programming and a much bigger venue. As in, three times bigger than last year. To justify such a spotlight we’ve curated the best 7x20x21 lineup yet:

At BEA, Tuesday May 24th at Javits Center

Facebook RSVP (not required, but, you know)

7x20x21 at BEA 2009:


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