My Year of Years

What a month! I’ve been hard at work lately on a number of book proposals. I decided to jump on the “stunt year” book bandwagon, popularized by A.J. Jacobs.

Except I plan on being much more efficient. Why waste an entire year on one idea, when I could glean all necessary knowledge in a day or two? This is also an ingenious method for hedging my bets. On the docket so far:

In Remembrance of Breakfast Past: How a Day of Reading Nothing But Proust Saved My Marriage

NewerJack: Three Meals in America’s Harshest Prison

Without: A Shocking Afternoon and Early Evening Spent Among the Nation’s Homeless

Miss Information: A Guilty Liberal Kills a Sunday Watching Fox News, Goes Crazy, and Ultimately Learns to Love America Again

Bright Ice, Big Wheelies: An Epic 2-Hour Journey with the Ice Road Bikers

Silence Is Golden: My Short Experiment in Mime

Paper Lioness: An Amateur’s Short Career with the WNBA

Ancient Chinese Secret? Why Briefly Rejecting Western Medicine Was the Best Decision I Ever Made

The Thoreau You Don’t Know: Communing with Nature While Comcast Takes Forever to Install Cable

The Day of Living Modestly: One Man’s Humble Quest to Subsist on $1 a Day in America (for One Day)

Go Wester, Young Man: Traversing the Rocky Mountains by Window Seat

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