2010 Summer Music Mix

By (one friend’s) request, here’s my summer music mix. Same as last time: I’m not hosting these, so if the link’s dead try Hype Machine.

  • For when you’re with friends, and only your friends: Jens Lekman – Sweet Summer’s Night on Hammer’s Hill
  • For Friday night: Shy Child – Disconnected
  • For cocktails at an outdoor bar/café: Kisses – Bermuda
  • For runs in the park: The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition
  • For walking around the neighborhood on the sun-bleached sidewalks: Cults – Go Outside
  • For iced tea: Sleigh Bells – Ring Ring
  • For campfire beers: Keepaway – Yellow Wings
  • For marijuana, actor pun division: Egyptian Hip Hop – Rad Pitt
  • For marijuana, actor pun division all-time high score: Javelin – Lindsay Brohan
  • For running at your friend with a sparkler in one hand and a beer in the other, while your friend does the same and, when you meet, you make the sparklers high-five each other: Fang Island – Life Coach

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2 responses to “2010 Summer Music Mix

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for this 2010 summer music i like this music.

  2. Many songs I havent heard. Thanks!

    Two notes:
    1. Your description of Fang Island is spot on perfect.
    2. The gentleman in the group Kisses was in my section when I was a section leader in my marching bands High School.

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