My Favorite Authors on Twitter

That may be a bit misleading – I don’t mean my favorite authors are now on twitter. Rather, these  authors are using twitter in the most compelling way by making the platform their own. (For a complete list of the authors I follow, check here.)

Some notables:

Bret Easton Ellis: He updates infrequently, true. But his approach as a trickster inside and outside the zeitgeist is perfect for the platform. When I mentioned his twitter feed to a friend a couple nights ago he could instantly recall the tweet about the Hangover. How many people on twitter are that quotable?

Colson Whitehead: Worth following for his “Jeeves” meme alone, wherein he passed off his twittering duties to a beleaguered manservant.

Ben Goldacre: A British author to be published by Faber & Faber in the fall. He’s prolific as hell, balancing cheeky missives about the UK with invaluable links. My favorite twitterers are those that act as a curated RSS, which is difficult for most authors (it’s a huge timesuck). Goldacre pulls it off nicely. I assume he never sleeps.

Andrew Sean Greer: He’s just charming as hell, really.

Jennifer Gilmore: Some use twitter as a broadcast platform, others as a communication tool. Gilmore is in the second camp. She has conversations with readers and friends, participates in literary news and gossip, and generally stays current. It’s surprising her forthcoming novel’s set in the past, considering how good she is at parsing the present.

Steve Hely: The guy writes for “30 Rock” and he published How I Became a Famous Novelist. All the reason you need.

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