Tron, or When Marketing Isn’t Marketing

I’ve said for a while that marketing isn’t marketing when it works. This may be naive, but I believe it. With that in mind I was pretty excited to come across Henry Jenkins’ discussion with Steven Lisberger (director of Tron) about the forthcoming sequel and transmedia. In a lot of ways, this will get me excited about the new film way more than Jeff Bridges on Letterman.

Their far-ranging chat covers the conflicts between gift cultures and commodity cultures, how Avatar is proof of event filmmaking in the age of diffuse media, and the challenges in coordinating transmedia across audiences. This last issue deserves further exegesis, as it seems to reinforce the old auteur theory of film criticism wherein the modern director controls the web, film, and literary components in the same way New Wavers controlled lighting, sets, and cinematography.

Part I | Part II

My favorites:


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