Your Ebook Enhancements

Publishers have been scrambling like mad to figure out what extras people want in their ebooks. Publishers, your prayers have been answered. Simply use any of the following enhancements for guaranteed reader satisfaction.

  • Alternate Ending: For those readers wishing for a happy ending every time, you no longer have to stick to genre conventions. Buy the Enhanced Ebook of any Stephen King or Philip Roth book with the new Alternate Ending: “He awoke. It was all a dream… or was it?! No, it was.”
  • Hi Billy! It’s Grandma!: Want to gift your favorite book to a relative? Buy the enhanced edition, and with this special feature every 15 minutes of reading will be interrupted by an alarm reminding the recipient to call you! Once in a while wouldn’t hurt!
  • E-Throw this Ebook Across the E-Room: Miss the satisfaction of chucking your most frustrating reads clear across the room? We all do. Now with the participation of the bestselling light saber app you can slice your ebook in twain! Red or green light sabers in demo version, blue and purple in $1.99 paid app.
  • Ebooks Everywhere!: This enhancement will automatically search-and-replace every instance of the word “book” with “ebook” in the epub file, correcting your fiction and nonfiction for these modern times.
  • Tweet My Book: Something amiss in your ebook reading experience? It’s because it’s not in Twitter form! This enhancement will place harsh edits every 140 characters in your book and tweet it out in succession to your Twitter followers in an unstoppable barrage of ebook goodness. It’s retweetastic!

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