A Literary Road Trip

This came over the Twitter transom at FSG this morning: if you were planning a road trip across the U.S., intent on hitting places of literary significance, where would you go?

Here are my ideas:

  • Thoreau’s cabin on Walden pond
  • Entering San Francisco by I-5 from the north, tracing Kerouac’s route in On The Road. This lead to his great passage describing the city, from this vantage point, as revealing itself like Ahab’s white whale.
  • The Texas/Mexico border, as written about so beautifully by Cormac McCarthy and Roberto Bolaño
  • Hemingway house in Key West, Florida
  • Downtown Portland (Oregon) pool halls, so evocatively described in Don Carpenter’s Hard Rain Falling.
  • Rural Wyoming, so often the setting for Annie Proulx’s fiction.

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3 responses to “A Literary Road Trip

  1. MattMike

    If you’re going to mention Hemingway – how do you neglect Ketchum ID!

    Austin for the Joyce/Modernist collection at the University of Texas at Austin.

    Didn’t the NYTimes create a google map with the literary history of Manhattan.


  2. Merry Pranksters and a brightly colored VW bus spring to mind. (Springtime always makes me want to listen to the Grateful Dead.)

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