FSG Author Q&As

The great Goodreads.com experiment continues, this time with The Ask‘s Sam Lipsyte and The Three Weissmanns of Westport‘s Cathleen Schine. The authors will be fielding readers’ questions and comments while they’re on tour of the U.S.

Sam Lipsyte’s satire has been buoyed by a raft of praise in the last few weeks, and continues the rise he established with Home Land. I’ve written previously about the Lipsyte LipSite. Here’s another way to access the book online.

Sam Lipsyte on Goodreads

Cathleen Schine’s book has also been a critical darling, after the front-page rave in the NYTBR a few weeks back. It’s looking a genuine word-of-mouth hit from there, and I’m happy the novelist is game to chat with readers online. I’m also scouting Jane Austen book clubs on Facebook, since their offline counterparts have embraced Weissmanns‘ modern take on Sense and Sensibility. (I can’t state enough how great it is to have authors to work with who are up for these kinds of projects.)

Cathleen Schine on Goodreads

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