The New York Literary Weekend

A quick note on the social calendar: I’ve heard 92nd St Y Tribeca’s a great venue, so I’m looking forward to the Risk! Reading Series tonight. I know I’m biased, but my girlfriend Sara Barron‘s reading is reason enough to attend. She’ll probably use, in the parlance of the MPAA, “adult language,” a “scene of sensuality,” and “disturbing images.”

There’s also the NBCC Awards, which is fine if you like literature and rewarding the nation’s best and brightest. (Go FSG!)

And after tonight’s heady literary hobnobbing, why not relax with some Paula Abdul Vampire theatre? Nick Jones (my roommate, who the New York Times called “brilliant” and I describe as “bad at doing the dishes”) is running a few encore performances of Straight Up Vampire at Joe’s Pub. I kid you not, it’s about Benjamin Franklin’s attempts to establish civic duty in Philadelphia, all the while warring with vampires and the Machiavellian wheeling and dealing of MC Scat Cat. All set to Paula Abdul’s early hits.

You know this would make good theatre:

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