The Sam Lipsyte LipSite

There are maybe four or five writers in the U.S. that are consistently funny. Laugh out loud funny, the kind where you read passages aloud to friends. George Saunders. Steve Hely. Sam Lipsyte.

Well, FSG doesn’t publish Saunders or Hely. We do publish Lipsyte, however, so I came up with a way to bring a little of his acerbic wit to the masses. If you haven’t read Home Land, do.

Or better yet, just get his new novel The Ask, about which The Believer said, “Sam Lipsyte wants you to shit your pants. By that I mean parts of The Ask are so sphincter-looseningly funny that you will want to invest in some adult undergarments before reading it.”

So I give you the Sam Lipsyte LipSite, an email with a different dose of inbox succor each week. We’ve culled the best lines from Home Land, The Ask, and Venus Drive, which we’ll be sending out mixed in with interviews and maybe a personal note from the author every now and then. I’m very aware the content of these emails will likely get flagged by email service providers as too vulgar. I’m willing to take that risk.

And I’m well aware how annoying emails are. That’s why we’re streamlining this to a simple paragraph or two. Something to read with your morning coffee, before the cynicism sets in.

To kick things off we’re giving away copies of his books, signed by Lipsyte.

Sign up and see an example of what we mean.

Read the first 20pages of The Ask at GQ
Video: Lipsyte at the FSG Reading Series

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2 responses to “The Sam Lipsyte LipSite

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  2. Jenny

    I’ll check it out, as I haven’t had a good pants-shitting in years!

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