Rewarding the Influencers

Adaptive Blue’s Get Glue initiative is the kind of exciting tech development you hope people in publishing pay attention to. There are echoes of Shiv Singh’s keynote at Digital Book World: find the influencers, start a relationship, reward them for directing their followers to your content. I’m happy that FSG is participating in the opening salvo (Michelle Huneven’s NBCC Award Finalist Blame is among the giveaways). I can’t wait to see how it all shakes out in the coming months.

For more on Glue, check out TechCrunch’s article or Galleycat’s writeup.

Full disclosure: my friend Ami was a colleague of mine before working for Adaptive Blue. And she owes me $8.

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2 responses to “Rewarding the Influencers

  1. Very funny and I just joined today. I was speaking about you at lunch today with the literary scout, Maria Campbell, and the editor, Elisabeth Schmitz, telling them how people like you and Amy and Debbie Stier etc etc are pulling books into the 21st Century and they should not fear but be excited by the sea change. Best to you, Martha

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