DBW Summary

Meet me at Digital Book World (http://www.digitalbookworld.com) I have six pages of notes (10pt. font!) from Digital Book World. Plenty of takeaways and tips, a few of which are mentioned below. I want to thank Guy LeCharles Gonzalez for pulling it off, and say ‘ello to all the people I met and caught up with. It was nice to hear over and over again how important influencers are while sitting next to examples par excellence like Kassia and Richard. Conferences like these always walk a fine line. Either you have the presentation full of vague pronouncements (amounting to good vibes with the lifespan of a butterfly) or data analysis too narrowly defined to be of use outside the case study (a common complaint at Tools of Change). I’m happy to say most of DBW’s panels performed admirably.

  • Kassia and I were talking about piracy, noting that the demographic which illegally downloads books the most (18-30yr old males) also happens to be the one most ignored by current book marketing. Coincidence? Verso’s Jack McKeown notes that people who go through the effort of downloading illegal copies, for the most part, represent an opportunity for booksellers. We just haven’t provided them with an easier solution. Yet. (See iTunes’ 7 billion song downloads)
  • Google Editions will have social marginalia: you can share your ebook reading notes with friends. Very exciting for book clubs and educators.
  • The iPad takes ePub! Up to full spec! (Allegedly.) This is even more exciting, for reasons which will become clear when FSG ebooks blow your mind all over your oak-paneled library bookshelves in March.
  • Hay House has one million emails in their database collected from myriad sources, including 20 websites. Impressive.
  • Both SharedBook’s Rick Hunt and Applied Information Group’s Mitch Rubin emphasized testing, testing, and testing some more with respect to direct-to-customer relationships. Whether it’s ecommerce or email newsletters, you can always do better for your customers.
  • Fourth Story Media are doing very, very cool shit with transmedia storytelling.
  • Ami’s tweets cannot be trusted.

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  7. Aww, thank you. And right back at you. I look forward to seeing you next month!

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