Notes from My DBW Panel

Meet me at Digital Book World ( to Kate Rados for inviting me to Digital Book World‘s “Get Noticed! How to Earn Attention for Every Book,” and thanks also to fellow panelists Debbie Stier, Peter Costanzo, and Yen Cheong. At the panel, we touched on several takeaways; I wanted to list a few here.

IssuuThis site is great for creating sleek embedded excerpts for your graphic novels. Here’s an example in action from a recent Hill & Wang title, The Cartoon Introduction to Economics. – Kevin Smokler’s site will sync your author tours with Goodreads, Amazon, and other sites. Easy, efficient.

Tracking – Between Google Analytics,, and, you should be able to get a sense of your traffic. Take externally gathered data with a grain of salt, look deep (but not too deep), and always align your traffic with your success metrics. Who cares if a million people watched your book’s YouTube video if it didn’t move the needle on book sales?

iPad – We didn’t really talk about it, just want to say I really want one. All kidding aside, the iBooks app looks to be full-spec ePub. This is really exciting: up to this point, if I wanted to embed something as simple as a YouTube video into ePub dedicated readers like the Kindle would strip it out. (Only Adobe Digital Editions could support it.)

That’s it for now. More DBW summaries to come!

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2 responses to “Notes from My DBW Panel

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  2. Ryan, thanks for the energy and takeaways you presented during the panel, so massive kudos for being so engaging!

    Here’s a great example (disclosure, former employer) of a way to use Issuu as a sales and marketing tool:

    I’m a fan of the platform, clearly.

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