A Giveaway of Nick Cave’s Limited Edition Novel

I’ve written previously about FSG’s multi-platform rollout for Nick Cave’s new novel The Death of Bunny Munro. I’m happy to announce the ridiculously beautiful limited edition box set is finally available (just in time for Festivus!). By limited, I mean limited: only 500 copies. We’ve reserved five for a one-week giveaway – details and sign up here.

NB to all my friends: before you even ask, no. No, I can’t get you one of these. Enter the giveaway, buckle down and buy one yourself, or beseech a magnanimous relative. (I’m looking at you Eric and Riss.)

More photos after the jump.

This is more or less the limit of my hucksterism. Or at least I hope so. Back to the usual programming tomorrow.

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