Privacy and Other Decontextualized Buttons

I love the absurdity of language. Maybe it comes from reading Beckett at an early age. Or learning French: nothing will make words seem more arbitrary than learning a whole new suite of sounds for them. Or maybe I just sit at a computer too long every day.

Anyways. Below are a list of my favorite common buttons and links that, decontextualized, make a kind of wishlist for my life in general.

privacy Who wouldn’t want this button? Just press it, and blammo! More privacy.
be careful That’s just good advice.
don't quit I read this in the voice of Rocky’s coach, with a grizzled voice.
become a fan The fun of transmogrification.
home Because buying $300 airline tickets gets tedious. Just pressing the button would be mighty helpful.
logic I know a few people I would give this to.
remember me There’s something very primal and sad about this button. Who wouldn’t press it? Don’t we all want to be remembered?

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One response to “Privacy and Other Decontextualized Buttons

  1. Nice post. I had never thought of buttons in this way.

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