Greenlight Bookstore Means Go (Buy Books)

I may not be the most prompt reporter of news on the planet, but I’m the …um… anyways, where was I? Oh yes: Greenlight Bookstore, the much anticipated independent in Fort Greene. The plucky entrepreneurs Jessica Stockton Bagnulo and Rebecca Fitting have been charting their long, slow journey to the grand opening; last weekend all the hard work paid off. Well, it will probably “pay off” when they turn a profit, but the party was plenty fun, and all my publishing friends made an appearance.


Packed house at Greenlight

I advise you to wander over and check out their selection. The place looks nice, but I think it’ll be even better once the patina of use wears down some of the shine. I know I’ll be back for the upcoming NYRB Classics 10th Anniversary Party. (Didn’t they just have a 10th Anniversary Party at Idlewild? NYRB, are you like those girls who make their birthday last all week?)

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