Halloween Costume Conundrum

costumes I set a pretty high standard for myself when it comes to Halloween. In 2007, I went as a Jackson Pollock painting, in head-to-toe white, drip splattered with paint. In 2008, as Dynamite in Bed, with burned holes on a TNT t-shirt and a miniature leopard-print bed strapped to my back.

This year? Some possible candidates. My girlfriend is on crutches due to an unfortunate bike accident; the situation lends itself to a couple specific costumes:

  • Scrooge and Tiny Tim – She can do a good Cockney accent, and would trail behind me at the party while I ignored her and mumbled “bah humbug.” If there wasn’t an execrable Robert Zemeckis movie coming to theatres, I’d endorse this one.
  • Nancy Kerrigan and Attacker Shane Stant – She’d don the figure skater’s outfit, and I’d periodically interrupt her conversations by attacking her shin. Tears, “Why? Why?”, pathos, etc. (Too soon?)
  • Terrible Night in Vegas – Her in a cheap wedding dress, me in a powder-blue tux. We’d sleep in our clothes, forego showers, and maybe give each other shiners. I don’t know why but I love the idea of dressing very specifically around a story and then refusing to talk about it. But if anyone insinuates a connection to “The Hangover,” the whole thing’s ruined.

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2 responses to “Halloween Costume Conundrum

  1. chapmanchapman

    Done! Nice to meet you in the physical world, with the 3D and everything.

  2. Sherry

    Hey, nice seeing you at Greenlight’s party. Sorry to hear of your girlfriend’s injury — all the best for a full and speedy recovery. (And if you want my vote, it’s Nancy Kerrigan for the gold, um, silver medal.)

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