Do iPhones Burn at Fahrenheit 451 Degrees?

451I wanted to highlight a recent project at work, the iPhone app of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451: The Graphic Adaptation. We wanted to experiment with the graphic novel on smartphones, and the developers, Genus, did a great job. I’m very aware of the square peg/round hole fears when it comes to adapting a work for a new medium. I’d like to think this is a worthy opening salvo, though I would love to commission Tim Hamilton to create something with the iPhone format in mind.

(On a side note, how hilarious would it be if your teacher banned this app? I’m waiting for the story. I have my theories which state will be the first.)

To celebrate the graphic novel and the iPhone app, is fully serializing the work, posting video interviews with Mr. Bradbury himself, and giving away some extremely rare signed work later in the month.

More after the jump.

We were very pleased that Apple picked the app to be a #1 Staff Pick for a couple weeks. There are more on the way, and some exciting developments with Genus on other platforms in the coming months.


I suppose this opens up a larger discussion: What do you think of graphic novels on the iPhone? I loved Bone, since its grid-like format lends itself beautifully to the smartphone screen. But the future will likely be in those tailor-made for the device, with its higher screen resolution and peculiar aspect ratio.

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One response to “Do iPhones Burn at Fahrenheit 451 Degrees?

  1. I’ve actually been thinking about what I would do with the format.

    Stay tuned.

    And thank for the shout out!

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