Heading to Seattle

Ryans at Lindas

At Linda's, a.k.a. the skinny jeans convention center.

Off to Seattle for a week, where I will visit old friends, try to establish a booze scholarship in my name at the alma mater, and shirk off a little of the NYC hardness.

On the agenda:

  • The Seattle Central Library – designed by Rem Koolhaus and one of the most striking buildings I’ve ever visited.
  • Fuji Sushi – Great tempura.
  • Victrola Café – An old professor of mine liked this place so much he would drive for 20 minutes across town (and dozens of other options) to hang out here.
  • Redwood Bar – If it’s still open, that is. Owned by one of the guys who used to be in Band of Horses, now in Grand Archives. Free peanuts!
  • Elliott Bay Books – Great author events, great old store.
  • Bailey/Coy Books – Every day they post some book’s first line. Guess correctly and you get an extra 10% of your purchases. Why doesn’t every bookstore do this?
  • Doing a whole lot of nothing – It’s a vacation.

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