Recent Reads: The Best Technology Writing 2009

Best Tech Writing 2009I don’t know about you, but books like this are crack cocaine to me. I do so much B- and C-level reading throughout the year in blogs, magazines, and newspapers, it’s great to have someone like Steven Johnson cultivate the A-level material. Rereading Dana Goodyear’s “I ♥ Novels” article was a revelation, the margins dripping with my notes. Or Clay Shirky’s blog post on cognitive surplus, another top-notch piece. There’s even an Onion article, “Area Eccentric Reads Entire Book.”

I guess for my niche reading habits, this book felt very essential. If you read this book, or have read this book, let’s talk. This thing is chockablock with ideas that are best debated and built upon in conversation.

Buy the book on Indiebound

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