Recent Reads: “Everything Is Cinema: The Working Life of Jean-Luc Godard”

Biographer Godard BookRichard Brody doesn’t pretend to get inside Godard’s head, or write a biography in the polymathic nature of his subject’s approach to cinema. Instead, he writes straightforward accounts of the director’s career, steeped in research and relevant political and artistic contexts. This may sound boring; it’s revelatory. Godard was such a mercurial and self-doubting intellectual that one doesn’t need bells and whistles to make his story compelling.

What Brody doesn’t discuss, but what feels like a natural addendum, is how much Godard’s approach to cinema would find purchase in online media. He was always looking at how to deconstruct and reconstruct the formal tools of cinema, in particular the superimposition of image and the layering of stereophonic sound. Can you imagine what he would come up with if he learned Flash?

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