Four Real Godard Facts and One Fake One

Godard BookI’m reading Everything Is Cinema: The Working Life of Jean-Luc Godard, which is rife with great stories. Here are a few facts from the man’s life, and in true Godard fashion, one fake one.

  1. Godard financed his life in Paris as a young man by stealing books from his grandfather’s library and pawning them. His grandfather happened to be the executor to poet Paul Valéry’s estate, so some of these books were rare first editions.
  2. Godard’s second film, Le Petit Soldat, was banned from showing anywhere in the world due to France’s blanket censorship of any political cinema during the Algerian war for independence. After the conflict ended, his film was finally released, where most found it irrelevant.
  3. While employed as a journalist, he would often sleep in the newspaper’s offices instead of renting an apartment.
  4. Anna Karina’s real name is Karen Blarke Bayer. As a teenage model, she was given her stage name by Coco Chanel.
  5. Godard’s favorite 20th-century film is Weekend at Bernie’s.

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One response to “Four Real Godard Facts and One Fake One

  1. Let me guess, number 4 is the fake one.

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