Stitched, Bound: Fashion and Literature

Is it just me, or is there a noted uptick in literary allusions amid the fashion set? For a few years now Trovata has been stitching pieces from a narrative into the items of each season’s collection. The joke, of course, was on the customer: in order to “read” the whole thing you’d have to buy every shirt, pants, and suit on offer. I happen to think it’s a stroke of genius. Fashion draws its strength from intuited cultural narratives localized in specific times and places; Trovata just takes this literally.

Trovata Example from

Trovata example from

Britain’s Mr. Hare has launched a new line of shoes named after iconic men of letters, including Kerouac, Orwell, and Miller (Henry, I assume, not Arthur). There’s also A Conference of Birds, the clothing line named after a 12th century Arabic poem. And let’s not forget Bblessing’s recent foray into literature (see previous post).

There’s probably scores of other examples. I’m waiting for the “Finnegans” collection by J.Crew, the “Tom Wolfe” suit by Tom Ford, and the “Charlie Brown” outfit by Jeremy Scott.

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