Punk Girls Don’t Get Fat, and Other Future Bestsellers

The Fake New York Times Bestseller campaign for Steve Hely’s How I Became a Famous Novelist doesn’t really have an end date (feel free to add your own still), but there has been some stiff competition laid out. A few of my favorites from Twitter:

Punk Girls Don’t Get Fat: The Secrets of Staying Skinny on Just Two Packs of Camel Wides and a Flask of Cheap Whiskey a Day (@ami_with_an_i)

Three Big Gulps of Tea: A mountain climber teaches Pakistani youth how to open 7-11 franchises (me)

Speak Up for the Monkeys Are Loud Today: How a deaf mute hid his disability to become the unlikely CEO of India’s largest telecom co. (@kyriabeingbanal)

Cheap: Chris Anderson’s Guide to Tent Cities and Dumpster Diving for the former Media Elite (@mariaschneider)

Bacon Makes Everything Better, by Trey F. Roegelein (William Morrow, $29.95): 100 recipes, from breakfast to dessert. (@ronhogan)

Interview: The Book – a collection of Diane Rehm’s interviews with Terry Gross, Charlie Rose and others, talking about talking. (@mesjak)

John & Date + Great!: How this reality TV star downsized his life and upsized his lifestyle (@mariaschneider)

And there’s a ton more. Check them out here and on the book’s Facebook page here.

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