My BEA, 2011

BEAMost of my job involves worrying about the future of publishing. No more. I’d rather focus on publishing in the future. I give you the list of panels I’m attending in BEA 2011.

The Death of Sound? A Roundtable Discussion
After the much-predicted decline in printed ink on paper last year, analysts are predicting our aural creative arts are next. Will the audiobook survive Nielsen’s recent findings that 18-24 year olds are all deaf? What will happen to author tours?  


Keynote: Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs
The Co-CEOs of Applazon will dictate our print book, ebook, ibook, and ∞book pricing for the year. Attendance is mandatory, snacks will be provided.


Author Buzz Panel
Jeff Bruin will talk about his debut novel, “White House, Blackbeard’s Treasure,” the story of Barack Obama uncovering a series of clues and puzzles leading to the famous pirate’s cache of Spanish dubloons. Bruin made headlines last fall with his reported $1.4M advance.


Advertising in the Depression
Representatives from the ABA and Ogilvy & Mather will discuss new ways to reach readers in these most desperate of economic times, including the recent “For the Love of God Please Buy Books” Super Bowl spots.


Screw Books, Let’s Just Make Pornography
Former heads of HarperCollins, Random House, and Wiley all talk about their lucrative move to the adult entertainment sector, where they have seen double-digit growth in revenue for 5 quarters running.

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