I Know Why the Caged Bird Drinks


The Muse, same great taste now with less filling

The Muse, same great taste now with less filling

For the BEA Tweetup we’re making a list of literary cocktails. Because Belvedere is providing the booze, we’re going with vodka-based drinks. (Sorry, no Tequila Mockingbird.) Calling all bored/witty drunks at work! Help us name the rest.

See if you can best these ideas:

Boris Plastered-nak
Lemon Drop City
I Know Why the Caged Bird Drinks
The Bukowski 

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5 responses to “I Know Why the Caged Bird Drinks

  1. thomas

    I Know why the caged bird drinks
    is the name of a book that I wrote, a book of collaborations with other writers it was published & copywritten 2003 & the book title was coined by me in the 1980’s before the book was published the book was composed over a period of 2 decades & is for sale & searchable
    Thomas R. Peters, Jr.

  2. Era

    The alcoholic literary fiend in me wants to contribute:

  3. naniprints

    An agency I worked for eons ago had an Oktoberfest where we came up with the names and labels for the brews. I liked Proofreader’s Pale Ale and Endless Revisions Rye–always time for one more!

  4. chapmanchapman

    Brilliant! A friend on twitter suggested “Michiko Kakutini” after the NYT reviewer. Oh man, we’re going to have to open our own Book-Pun Bar after all this.

  5. Jenny

    This is the best I could come up with while sober. I threw in some lowbrow ones to balance out your fancy-pants tendencies.

    Olive -or- Twist
    The Turn of the Screwdriver
    HG Well-Drinks
    A Tree Drinks in Brooklyn
    Bloody Marydian (or In Cold Bloody Mary, pick your poison)
    Their Eyes Were Watching Vodka
    A Million Martini Pieces (HARPO!)

    and just in case there’s beer available:
    Puschlitzer Prize
    Sense and Drinkability

    Have fun, Chapmaniac. Throw one back for me.

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