A Panel, a Presentation, and a Party

Book Expo America is a week away. And though there’s no direct reason for me to attend, it turns out I’ll be at a slew of events on Friday May 29th. I kind of feel like a caterer at a wake: tangentially related and missing the main event. Funerary metaphors for the publishing industry purely unintentional. I swear. 

First! For those at the conference, check out “7x20x21,” a presentation I’ve curated with Ami Greko. We’re following SYP’s Canon Tales example and presenting some of the most interesting work going on in publishing these days. Each speaker gets 7 minutes, 20 slides, and 21 seconds per slide. (You may have heard of this before, it’s called Pecha Kucha.) 4:30-6pm, Downtown Author stage. 

The Brits’ version:

7x20x21 Speakers:
Debbie Stier, Harper Studio
Pablo Defendini, Tor.com
Jeff Yamaguchi, Doubleday/Knopf
Matt Supko, ABA/Indiebound
Chris Jackson, Spiegel and Grau
Richard Nash, formerly of Soft Skull Press
Lauren Cerand, independent public relations representative

Afterward at 7pm, I’ll be speaking briefly about publishing and the digital transition at The Publishing Meets Tech May Meetup, sponsored by Adaptive Blue (details). After bleak/sunny prognostications — I haven’t decided yet — I’ll gladhand, drink approximately two flutes of champagne, and skidaddle to…

The BEA Tweetup! As much as I loathe words like “tweetup,” “tweet,” and “cumquat,” I don’t mind throwing epic parties around them. Belvedere is graciously providing the vodka, I’ll be DJing (as bow-tied alter ego G-G-G-Ghost!), and there will actually be meme-based prizes like BEA-monogrammed slankets. And remember, what happens at the BEA Tweetup… will be horribly condensed into 140 characters and broadcast to everyone else at the party. I.e., “OMG, some HC intern is slmg screwdrivers & trying 2 grab Rushdie’s ass! Please RT!”

You better RSVP at the Meetup link, because we’re expecting a capacity crowd. The planning crew for this whole shebang includes Kat Meyer, Russ Marshalek, Brett Sandusky, Michael Kindness, Jen Webb, and John Mesjak. Oh, and it’s at this insanely nice venue

Greenhouse /150 Varick St (Between Vandam & Spring; C/E Spring St stop or 1 train Houston stop) / 8-10pm
For the Twitterers: #beatweetup

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