New Amazon FAIL?

After the hubub of the last #amazonfail, where a metadata bug erased a number of categories’ books from the site (including, most notably, the GLBT titles), something new is afoot. Just searched for some popular authors and titles in Amazon, with results confusing translations, book formats, newest titles, and product types. A few screenshots:

Janet Evanovich

"Janet Evanovich" Search


"Harry Potter" Search

"Harry Potter" Search

"Thomas L Friedman" Search

"Thomas L Friedman" Search

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4 responses to “New Amazon FAIL?

  1. Search “books” instead of “all departments” and it all appears to fine.

  2. Okay, so I can find the Monster Book of Monsters Plush when searching for Harry Potter…yet not the actual books?

    On par with that, I searched Twilight earlier and found every piece of merchandise popular…yet not the books until the end of the list. So, that was pleasant.

  3. I had a similar problem last weekend where clicking on a different edition of a book brought up an entirely different title. I thought it was an isolated incident.

  4. Again #amazonfail :
    Amazon Search is completely messed up since 3 hours.
    Try to Search within books. Results are even worse. Everything will show up, but not the books you are looking for.
    Hacked? A bug? How long will it take until it’s fixed?
    Amazon will loose millions of $$$ …

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